Subliminal Meditation

February 14, 2015 in Meditation, Spiritual Practice, Spiritual Tools

How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes:

Over 10 million Americans regularly practice meditation, according to Psychology Today magazine.

The benefits include enhanced brain power, massive improvements in health, and an increase in happiness and energy levels.

Yet with so many profound benefits, the real question is… Why aren’t more people doing it?

Why Meditation Can Be So Difficult

If you’re anything like me, you probably already know the answer: Meditation can be tough!

The main problem is that most people just don’t have the time.

For best results, meditation requires 45-60 minutes of daily practice. The results aren’t always immediately visible either. They typically build up over time.

But those aren’t the only hurdles. Quietening a busy mind and calming a restless body have also been listed as two of the biggest reasons people don’t give meditation a fair go.

But there seems to be no doubt that daily meditiation practice is extremely beneficial and we are constantly reminded of it’s importance in our physical and spiritual well- being. If only it didn’t take up so much of our time :-)

As Ghandi once remarked- “I’m so busy today, I may have to meditate for two hours, instead of one.”

However, there may be a solution in sight: ‘Subliminal Meditiation’

Iif you’ve not heard of this form of meditation read this fascinating article- Subliminal Meditation: How They Work & How They Affect Us

Simply by listening to these messages which are hidden in various nature sounds and music practitioners have reached deep levels of meditation extremely quickly and easily.

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