Seth and the Nature of Time

April 27, 2015 in Metaphysical Books, Spiritual & Metaphysical Teachers, Spiritual and Metaphysical Articles, Spiritual Books

Seth and The Nature of Time extracted from the bestselling book Living in a Safe Universe by Lynda Madden Dahl -

“You must simply and practically try to divest yourself of all ideas of time as you know it… Basically, what you call time does not exist. I am trying to tell you what does exist instead.”

Seth, The Early Sessions, Book 9, Session 429

“Years ago I read a line from Seth I didn’t understand, and it puzzled me for a long while. He says, “Your ideas of time are detrimental. … Time works with you and not against you.” (He told Rob to underline it four times.) And the more I read the Seth material, it finally hit me that Seth was talking about two different kinds of time in that one statement…” Read the Full Article Here

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