Law of Relativity

January 2, 2015 in Laws of the Universe

Happy New Year & Peace To All; First post of 2015 continuing with our look at the 12 Universal Laws-

The Law of Relativity: All things are relative. Nothing is good or bad unless we make it so-
It just is…
Nothing in our lives has any meaning unless it relates to us. Everything that exists in this physical world only does so because of it’s relationship with something else; We can’t experience Hot without knowing Cold, Up without Down, Light without Dark..

The lessons we set ourselves in this life are based around this law. How could we empathise with someone who has lost a child if we had never known loss ourselves? How could we comfort a friend with a broken heart if we hadn’t experienced the same?
Of course we don’t experience all these losses/lessons in this lifetime alone that would be overwhelming. We do though carry the memories of our previous lives experiences with us as we progress.
This is why you can feel such strong empathy, even grief, for someone who has lost a child. For though you might not have lost one yourself in this life, you can be pretty sure you have suffered this tragedy yourself in one of your past incarnations…