May 6, 2016 in Inspirational Thoughts, Law of Attraction, Spiritual & Metaphysical Teachers

Getting frustrated..things that you desire not turning out as planned?

Here are some wise words that might help on the subject from Ivan Kelly -

“Despite endless positive thinking about the things we want in life, it can be disturbing when they don’t appear and can’t even be seen on the horizon.

What we often overlook is that wants are goals, which also imply lacks. Something is a goal because we presently don’t have it. When we remain conscious of NOT having it, the feelings associated with that will keep us yearning rather than gaining.

When we focus on the joy of having it, having already succeeded, our focus is on the positive feelings being experienced in the present; for instance, feeling more prosperous, in better health, in happier conditions, etc. Then THOSE feelings are expressed in the world around us, in our experience of life, rather than the sadness and frustration of being deprived.” - Ivan Kelly