12 Consciousness Skills for Living Well in Times of Change

March 9, 2016 in Spiritual and Metaphysical Articles, Spiritual Practice

Times they are -a- changing. There is no doubt that we are all entering a time of change. All over the world people are experiencing a shift in human consciouness. And as with any change things can become a little difficult for many of us as we strive to understand and adapt to this new growth.

So how can we manage this sprititual evolution..these growing pains effectively?

The following article by Patty Ray Avalon, Residential and Guest Trainer at the world famous and highly regarded Monroe Institute gives us some very advice on exactly that..Enjoy :-)

As we move into a rapidly changing and unpredictable future, we can prepare for the shifts that inevitably will occur by preparing our states of awareness, or developing ’’consciousness preparedness”.

Over the past 15 years I have facilitated consciousness development courses designed to help people move into their highest potential. I have witnessed miraculous healings, impressive feats of psychokinesis, extraordinary psychic abilities, and, in general, seen a wealth of evidence indicating that humans are evolving beyond the limits of our five physical sense-abilities. And the speed and levels at which I see more and more people developing these natural abilities causes me to believe that we are ultimately headed for a positive, exciting time in our human experience.

Here are the 12 consciousness skills that will ensure your positive future and help you flourish in times of change:

1. Stay centered. Learn and practice ways to hold to the center of who you are, recognizing your essential wisdom, essential compassion and essential love for self and others. No matter which way the pendulum swings (and its always swinging!) hold center and know your place of centered calm; operate and make decisions from this place.

2. Access your inner guidance system. Develop skills to increase and trust your intuition or sixth sense. We were all born with a magnificent guidance system, it communicates with us in many ways: sensations in the body, a nagging feeling, through dreams and inspirations and hunches, and synchronicities. Also, look at life from a broader overview, learn from OBE (out-of-body) and NDE (near-death experience) writings. In other words, go deeper and higher.

3. Raise your energy and vibrations. Everything at its deepest, most observable level is patterns of energy. This is a vibrational universe, responsive and interactive on levels we may not even understand yet. It seems to be a magnetic- and attraction-based system, so what we send out, we attract back to us. Some ways to raise your energy: be grateful, focus on beauty, practice forgiveness, spend time with upbeat loving people or animals, wear colors that make you feel good, move your energy through dance, exercise, body therapies, do things that really bring you pleasure, give service to others.

4. Project the reality you wish to experience. Use visualizations, affirmations, mantras. Learn metaphysical manifestation techniques, and use them. These help to create an energetic template for physical matter to form into. Use words, images, songs, and above all, feelings to assist in creating your reality.

5. Move into trust. Adopt the mindset that no matter how things are going, everything we experience has purpose, and find the inner growth purpose within your current experience. Often ask yourself, “How can I grow or change something within my life as a result of this experience?” As we change, the world around us changes…

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