The Nature of Evil

September 15, 2015 in Inspirational Pics, Inspirational Thoughts, Spiritual & Metaphysical Teachers

SETH on the Nature of Evil..with thanks to Ivan Kelly -


Basically, all action IS. Basically there is no evil action. All is unfolding. With the limited perception that the ego has itself adopted, the whole is not visible, and it sees what it will see. Within your field, within your moral field, you must indeed strike out against that which appears evil to you. This is a responsibility laid upon you by the code of limitations which the ego itself has adopted as a part of its own nature. You may find it most difficult to follow me here without any strong affirmation. However, as you do not blame, as you do not MORALLY blame the wind for the tumultuous hurricane, and as you do not punish the wind, so you must somehow manage to understand that a wrongdoer, in your eyes, is no more or less to blame than this. It would be foolhardy to ignore the results of such activity. Nevertheless, I tell you now that there is much you do not see or know.

You see perhaps havoc within the physical field, and this is indeed to be faced and dealt with, and set straight, as aid is given to the victims of a hurricane. But you are familiar only with the results of action as they appear within the physical field, as long as you insist upon viewing your physical universe with the eyes of the ego-self; for the ego-self attempts to cut itself off from that action of which it is a part, and in so attempting it loses contact with this larger reality.

This loss of contact applies only to the ego. It does not apply to those other portions of the self, and it is through the inner self, through inner consciousness, that to some degree the nature of action can make itself known. And when it is made known it will be seen then that which you call evil represents a falling short of value fulfillment in a particular, or any particular, case. There are always, as I believe you realize, those who court injustice and persecution. There are always those who persecute. There are those who murder, and those who seek to be slain.

They seek each other out for many complicated reasons. This whole subject is difficult but I will not simplify matters, as I could. I would prefer to discuss it most thoroughly. Nothing here must ever be taken as a justification for evil, in humanity’s terms. For many practical reasons AT THIS POINT it is necessary that man fight against what he considers evil, for he strengthens himself immeasurably by so doing.

Seth (Jane Roberts), ‘The Early Sessions’, Book 3, Session 145

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