The 3 Stages of Ego and Enlightenment

January 22, 2016 in Spiritual and Metaphysical Articles

Fascinating article from Tiffany Crosara on what she terms the 3 Stages of Ego & Enlightenment.

How many apply to you ? –

The 3 Stages Of Ego And Enlightenment — As Taught By The Wise Old Fool

Stage One

As young children, we have no ego; we love ourselves and each other unconditionally, we don’t think before we speak, we don’t hold grudges, we don’t make judgments on ourselves, on another, or on our life.

We don’t live in the past, we don’t worry about future, the thought hasn’t even occurred to us. We don’t know how to do anything other than live in the now, play and run wild with our imagination!

This is the first stage of The Fool’s Journey — the one where a fool does not know that they are a fool.

Stage Two

As we grow the ego develops, we begin to care about how others see us, we start making judgments and change ourselves accordingly. Inner restriction, attachment, untruth and disconnection grow as the ego develops. No longer magically free with our imagination, ego takes over and turns it into a fear-mongering machine.

At adolescence, the ego kicks right in and we come right out of the heart into the head. Judging others, our lives and ourselves is our new play time. It doesn’t feel anywhere as good as when our imagination was free, but we have found ourselves trapped in the ego and we can’t do anything other than feel the fear, causing the polarity of attachment and separation.

We are becoming conscious, but unconsciously. This is the second stage of The Fool…

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