Tom Campbell on Reincarnation

October 6, 2016 in Metaphysical Books, Metaphysics, Quantum Mechanics, Scientific Evidence

If you have any interest at all in metaphysics I urge you to read Dr. Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE Triology (My Big Theory of Everything). Tom is a highly regarded physicist and was one of the first mainstream scientists to work with the pioneering OBE (Out of Body Experience) researcher Robert Monroe way back in the early 1970s before the establishment of the Monroe Institute. It’s taken Tom over 30 years to come up with his Big Theory of Everything and boy was it worth waiting for! -

Here’s Tom on reincarnation:

“When you have been back to this virtual reality a few times you get nudged a lot by guidance. Each time you come back initially you know zero but after a many incarnations you will start to be nudged to remind you. Paranormal experiences will pop in your face to speed up your process and so, as you don’t lose the gains you made in previous lifetimes, an attempt is made to bring you back up to speed so you can get to the bit where you were at the last time.” - Dr. Tom Campbell, My Big T.O.E.

Tom Campbell My Big Toe