Law of Attraction

November 28, 2014 in Law of Attraction, Laws of the Universe

The Law of Attraction: “Like attracts like”.

Whatever you focus your thoughts and energy on that is what you will attract, either good or bad. Many of you will have heard of the Law of Attraction, made famous in books such as “The Secret”.

The process has millions of practitioners throughout the world, and there are many similarities between the Law of Attraction technique and the Ho’oponopono process. Many of the core beliefs such as reincarnation, Divine Intelligence and the ability to co-create are the same.

But there are also fundamental differences Ho’oponopono’s focus on 100% personal responsibility for our actions, and circumstances, and its emphasis on surrender to The Divine’s will to decide what is best, is significantly different than Law of Attraction’s, with its intense focus on specific visualization.

As I mentioned before, Like attracts Like. The Universe sends us what we think and feel and Law of Attraction practitioners use this to facilitate their results. And it does work in a limited way, albeit sporadically. But it is only part of the process… Using visualization, lists, and other tools, they focus entirely on the outcome of the petition. This technique puts the conscious mind in the driving seat, as it is used to generate the required emotion/vibration. It is no secret that the conscious mind and its ego are extremely difficult to control. When focusing on a future outcome or ideal it is very easy to start generating counter-productive negative emotions such as impatience, frustration and anxiety. Sending these types of emotions out into the Universe can only exasperate the initial problem.

The Ho’oponopono process takes a far different and simpler approach. In Ho’oponopono we only have to identify the areas in our life that we’d like to address and send a petition to The Divine for redemption and cleansing. The rest of the process is left to the vastly superior perspective and wisdom of the Universal Mind to decide the best outcome. I do use visualizations in my Ho’oponopono practice, as it assists me to create the emotions I feel are necessary when petitioning, but I try not to tie them to a specific request or outcome. I deliberately avoid using detailed pre-visualisations of what I request. I don’t try to manipulate the world with sheer force of will. Importantly I avoid having any preconceived ideas of the outcome of my petition or how it will manifest. Ho’oponopono practice is as much about enjoying the journey as it is about manifesting results- plus I like surprises… My only aim is to leave a clean void for The Divine to fill as it sees fit- trusting in it with its infinite knowledge and wisdom, to know what is best for me and all concerned-  Ho’oponopono Secrets 2014