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January 31, 2016 in Inspirational Thoughts, Spiritual and Metaphysical Articles

A reminder to relax and let things be as they will.. -

Fluidity and Flexibility: Living Life with Ease and Grace by Amanda Goins

Fluidity and flexibility are key components to living a fulfilling, peaceful, and vibrant life. They are important aspects of breath, movement, thought, and action. When we embody fluidity and flexibility, we enable ourselves to live with EASE and GRACE.

It is important to consider what is impeding your personal “flow”. In what aspects of your life do you feel rigid or stressed?

I, personally, have to let go of my inner “control freak”. It is perfectly admirable to have goals, routines, and plans. However, be flexible enough to bend if circumstance does not take your day on the exact route you had in mind. It may just take you somewhere better! Remember, this life is a journey, and many times the detours are where we discover the most about ourselves.

Let go of resistance. Accept things as they are. Stop for a moment and be grateful for the many things that bring you joy — be them small or large. Then move forward.

As for personal heath and well-being, I have discovered that in my life breath, meditation, and yoga are ways that contribute to bringing an overall calm and stillness to my being.

Calm and stillness enable you to move through each day with more ease and grace. If a difficult situation arises, a few deep and measured breaths can bring you back to your place of calm. Meditation, has enabled me to silence my inner chatter, and has brought me peace, clarity, and focus. As for yoga, I am just embarking on that journey. Thus far I can say the fluidity of movement and balance, leave me feeling refreshed, revived, and vibrant.

Bruce Lee once used the example, “Be like water…”

Bruce Lee

So I will leave you with his words of wisdom to ponder. I hope your life is full of joy, balance, fluidity, and flexibility.

Much love,

By Amanda Goins (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness), Musings on Love, Life and Eternity, January 30, 2016

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